Mumbai TV actor Gautam Vig recently got eliminated from the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 16. His best bonding in the show was with the contestant Soundarya Sharma. After Gautam’s exit from the show, the fans felt that Soundarya would now be alone in the house, but the reality seems to be just the opposite. After Gautam’s departure from Bigg Boss, Soundarya seems to be getting closer to Shaleen Bhanot. In the recent episode of the show, she was seen asking Shaleen about Gautam’s feelings. Responding to which Gautam Vig said that he is very sad to see Soundarya like this, he did not expect that she would do this. Vig said that he had distanced himself from his friends on the show for Soundarya.
Regarding the growing closeness of Soundarya and Shaleen Bhanot in Bigg Boss 16, Gautam Vig said that I feel very bad to see that Soundarya is asking Shaleen about my feelings. When she discussed this with Archana Gautam, I didn’t mind because she wanted to expose Shaleen and Tina through Soundarya but I was shocked when she was discussing with Shaleen. I remember once I clearly told Soundarya that you can find many shoulders to cry on but it is up to you to decide which shoulder you want to lean on. I know she is emotional right now, she is wearing my locket to feel my presence. I am sad that he has spent 50 days with me, you are a smart girl then how can you politely discuss my feelings. Shaleen Bhanot who– Gautam Vig troubled by the increasing closeness of Soundarya and Shaleen Bhanot

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