New Delhi: The Modi government is once again going to open the treasury box for central employees and pensioners, due to which a lot of enthusiasm is visible on everyone’s face. If you have a central employee in your family, then this trillion is going to prove to be of great use to you. The government is going to give double benefit to the central employees, in which, firstly, it is considered possible to make a big announcement regarding the increase in DA and then the fitment factor.

If the government announces about the fitment factor, then there will be a record-breaking increase in the salary. There is already talk of a 4 per cent hike in DA, which will be increased from 38 to 42 per cent. The government has not officially announced this yet, but this big claim is being made in media reports.

  • Know how much DA can increase

A few days ago, the Modi government had announced a 4 percent increase in DA for central employees and pensioners. At present, 38 percent DA is being received, which is now being talked about to be increased to 42 percent. If this happens, then a bumper increase in salary is believed to be possible.

On the other hand, according to sources, a decision can be taken next year on the fitment factor, which is being discussed in full swing. At present, the minimum basic salary has been fixed at Rs 18,000 on the basis of fitment factor. The fitment factor currently stands at 2.57x. The demand of the central employees was to increase it by 3.68 times as per the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission.

This will bring a big jump in his basic salary. 3.68 times the minimum pay would be Rs 26,000. The government can now announce to increase it three times.

  • Salary will increase so much

For example, the basic salary of the employee is Rs 18,000, then at present, excluding allowances, his salary will be 18,000 X 2.57 = Rs 46,260. If it is considered at the maximum rate under the recommendations of the Pay Commission, then 3.68 times the salary 26000X3.68 = Rs 95,680. Basic salary will be fixed at Rs 21,000. Total salary excluding allowances will be 21000X3 = Rs 63,000.


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