The United Arab Emirates has changed the rules for people entering their country and people with single names will no longer be allowed to enter here. Based on the new guidelines announced by Emirates, an advisory has been issued by Air India and AI Express, according to which passengers with a single name will no longer be allowed to enter the UAE. This new rule has also been implemented with immediate effect.

Air India and AI Express have issued a letter dated 21 November titled “Names appearing on passports for travel to UAE”. The letter states, “According to the UAE National Advance Information Center, these important guidelines for travel to the UAE have come into force with immediate effect. Any passport holder without surname or any other word(s) in one name(s) will not be accepted by the UAE Immigration Department and the traveler will be treated as INAD. He has to come back from there.

What is INAD?

INAD is the aviation term used for passengers who are not allowed to enter the country they wish to travel to. INAD passengers are repatriated by the airline to their home country.

In this circular an INAD passenger is explained with the help of an example, a passenger who has shown his name only as Praveen and has no surname. If the Surname is Praveen and there is no First Name, “Visa to such traveler will not be issued and if Visa has already been issued, he/she will be included in INAD by the Immigration Department.”

Who will not be considered as INAD

Giving examples of which passengers would not be considered as INAD under the new order, the circular said: If the name is given as Praveen Kumar and there is no surname. Similarly if surname is Praveen Kumar and there is no given name and Praveen is described as given name and Kumar is described as surname.

The new UAE rule “will only apply to travelers holding travel visas/visas on arrival/employment and temporary visas and the change will not apply to existing UAE resident card holders.”