New Delhi: There is a saying in Gujarati that crows are black everywhere. In India, there are many cases of eating food in the bathroom or toilet on Wednesday. Many videos go viral on social media but people are still not taking the name of improvement. A strange case has come to the fore in Saudi Arabia, in which the deteriorating condition of cleanliness is affecting the country’s credibility.

A restaurant in Saudi Arabia has been sealed, which will make you drowsy. In which breakfast was prepared including samosa in the toilet. The surprising thing is that breakfast is being served in the toilet of this restaurant for the last 30 years. But when the local authorities got information, they raided the restaurant located in a residential building. According to reports, a restaurant in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia has been making samosas and other snacks in the toilet for 30 years. After receiving information about food items, Jeddah Municipality raided a restaurant in a residential building. Breakfast and food were prepared in its washroom. The authorities eventually closed the restaurant.

Citing local media, the incident revealed that Saudi authorities had recently closed a restaurant located in the city of Jeddah. In fact, during the investigation, they came to know that samosas and other snacks are being made in the restroom of the restaurant for almost 30 years. The laborers working there did not even have a health card and were violating the residence law. Apart from this, municipal officials found that this two-year-old meat and cheese was used in this restaurant in Jeddah. The restaurant has been sealed immediately. Officials said that the employees of this restaurant, which has been running for 30 years, do not have any health card and they are clearly violating the law here.

Insects were also seen in the restaurant!
According to the report, the restaurant was also preparing breakfast and food in the washroom. In addition, Jeddah municipal officials found that some of the food items used by the restaurant, such as meat and cheese, had expired two years ago. Not only this, the officials also saw insects and insects there. The municipality said it has sealed several illegal restaurants and seized and destroyed more than a ton of food items. A popular Shawarma restaurant in Jeddah was also closed in January this year after rats were spotted roaming around.

People shared many pictures of Shawarma restaurant on social media, after which the administration took action and sealed the restaurant. This type of inspection is done from time to time in restaurants/hotels in Saudi.