It often happens that everyone has a particular perfume but it does not last long after applying it. After some time the effect wears off. In such a situation, you may be disappointed at times, but now you do not have to worry. While living with your partner, if you apply perfume on this part, then you will not be disappointed.

Apply perfume on this part of the body.
If you try the tricks given here, then you will be able to retain the smell of perfume for a long time. There are some points in our body which have more heat than other parts of the body. If you apply perfume on this part then its effect lasts for a long time.

Kandu at this place
By applying perfume, its fragrance remains for a long time. Let it dry after spraying it on the wrist. Remember that before applying perfume here, moisturize that area well.

elbow to perfume
Spray normally on this part of the body and rub in lightly. This will make the people around you smell good and at the same time you will feel refreshed.

hug here
The trick of applying perfume has been going on for years. The reason is that it is a special place for couples who love each other. This part of the body is closest to you when you are with your partner.

First apply moisturizer on this part of the body and then apply your favorite perfume here ,
This will make the people around you feel good.

even on clothes
Apply perfume While applying perfume on all parts of the body, never forget that your clothes will also smell. Otherwise the water will be used again. Make no mistake about it.