Mumbai: Once again the number of corona patients is increasing. Due to the sudden increase of corona patients in Delhi, concern has increased in the government. Observing that the situation should not worsen again, the government is appealing to the citizens to follow the Corona protocol and strengthen the medical facilities.

Corona patients increasing due to pollution?

According to experts, air pollution can be a major reason behind the sudden increase in corona cases in Delhi.

Average pollution in Delhi has increased by 19% in April as compared to March and 11% in comparison to February. According to a study published on 20 April by Swedish scientists on the relationship between pollution and corona, as the level of pollution increases, so do the cases of corona.


The rate of corona infection is increasing continuously since April 4

Corona infection has been increasing in the national capital since the beginning of April. After 38 days in Delhi, on April 4, the daily corona infection rate had crossed 1 percent. At the same time, since the last 1 week i.e. from April 20, more than 1000 cases of corona have been reported daily in Delhi. The process of getting more than 1000 cases daily in Delhi has started after 68 days.