Mumbai: Summer days have started. Mango production increased during this season. Many people are eagerly waiting for this season to eat mangoes. Everyone likes mango. In addition, it is also considered very healthy. But if you want to lose weight, then many people think that eating mango makes you gain weight. So now the question is whether eating mango causes weight loss or not?

According to experts, eating mango does not reduce weight. You can eat about 1 to 2 slices of mango daily to gain weight. However, consumption of mango in large quantities should be avoided. If you eat a lot of mango then you will not lose weight.

How to consume mango in the process of weight loss?

Do not consume too much mango. Eating too much mango can lead to weight gain. Mango is high in calories. So if you are consuming more calories then there is no use in the process of weight loss.


When should I eat mango?

According to experts, some people eat mangoes after having food. But don’t do that. Eating mango after a meal is wrong. During this you consume more calories. Therefore, mango should always be eaten in the afternoon. This is a good time to eat mangoes.