Benefits of poppy water: Poppy seeds are used to enhance the taste of food and sweet dishes. But do you know that it is nothing less than a boon for health. Poppy-like constipation and bloating It is very helpful in treating digestive diseases. But today we will tell you the recipe of making a drink from the root of poppy seeds. Helps to keep the body cool and hydrated Will do Let us tell you the easy recipe of making poppy seeds and its benefits.

Know here how to make a drink from poppy seeds

  • Firstly, put 30 grams dried poppy seeds and 1 liter of water in a medium sized pot.
  • Now let this decoction boil on medium heat.
  • Let it boil till the water reduces to half and then switch off the gas.
  • If you are suffering from constipation and bloating, you can add a little honey and lemon juice to this drink.
poppy root water benefits
poppy root water benefits

Let’s know why this drink is beneficial for health

Relief from constipation and bloating If you have abdominal pain, constipation, bloating and headache, drink half a glass of this drink. This will give you relief. At the same time, its cooling properties strengthen the digestive system.

Stress Relief Gives: It calms down your nervous system and improves blood circulation in the brain. It helps you stay away from stress and depression.

poppy root water benefits
poppy root water benefits

prevention of insomnia If you can’t sleep or can’t sleep at night, then drink a poppy seed before going to bed at night. This will give you relief from insomnia.

detox the intestines Drinking water of poppy seeds cleans the intestines. It also helps in detoxifying the kidney which keeps you away from many diseases.

hydrate the body Consumption of poppy seeds, rich in antioxidant and alkaline properties, is very beneficial in the summer season. It keeps the body cool and hydrated.