India is currently experiencing the summer season and during this time the body gets dehydrated rapidly, which makes us thirsty, but even after drinking water at regular intervals, if you feel thirsty again and again, it is a serious problem. May be a sign of illness. Ignoring it is like hurting yourself.

Feeling very thirsty?

Doctors recommend testing for diabetes when excessive thirst is a common symptom of diabetes, but if the blood sugar level is under control, it can lead to bowel cancer.

diagnose bowel cancer

Intestinal cancer can damage the body slowly and its symptoms may not appear very soon, but the risk can be avoided by recognizing its warning signs. If you notice any strange symptoms in your body, consult a doctor immediately.

bowel cancer symptoms

– frequent thirst
– Abdominal pain and bloating
– body discomfort
– Blood in the stool
– Constipation
– frequent urination
– blood in urine

a major cause of bowel cancer

– red and processed meats
Food – Eating a low fiber diet
– genetic causes – aging
effect of
– alcohol abuse

Note- The information given here is based on home remedies and general information. Be sure to seek medical advice before adopting it.