Cirrhosis, ringworm and eczema are often caused by a reaction or excessive heat inside the body. For all these problems, people use many types of medicines and creams. But some home remedies like neem leaf paste, mint oil and turmeric sandalwood are helpful in reducing these problems. Thus there is a very old oil which can be applied to get rid of the problem of rashes and itching. Let us know the method of making this oil and its benefits.

Ingredients for making oil-

Coconut oil – half cup
Camphor – 3 tbsp
Cloves – 10

how to make oil

First of all take half a cup of coconut oil.
Now add 10 cloves to it.
Take those camphor and make about 3 spoons of powder.
Now put all these things in a bowl and keep it on the gas.
Soon this oil will start smelling strong.
Now turn off the gas and use it when it is fresh.