Nowadays, graying or weakening of hair at a young age has become a common problem. At the same time, people troubled by this resort to various chemical products, due to which the hair starts turning white rapidly. It is very important to control the white hair of children in time. Over time, this problem can escalate.

The use of potato can bring back the blackness of the hair. To do this, first peel the potatoes and boil them well in clean water. Leave it for about 45 minutes after the massage, then wash the head with clean water. This will make your hair black naturally and the hair color will also come back.

How to stop gray hair at a young age?

White hair was once considered a sign of ageing, but changing lifestyle has now become a problem for young children. According to health experts, there is no specific reason for graying of hair at an early age. However, many researches have also shown that excessive stress leads to graying of hair. At the same time, some of the known causes include vitamin deficiency, protein deficiency and genetic factors, hypothyroidism, vitiligo.

How to make hair black without hair?

Amla can be used instead of henna to darken the hair. For this, if you have long hair, then increase the amount of amla powder with water. Now boil the water of this amla powder for five to six minutes. When it starts boiling, add four to five cloves to it. When amla is mixed with cloves and tea leaves, the color of the water changes completely. When it cools down, apply it on the hair.

What to do to prevent gray hair?

To prevent premature graying of hair, you should do some home remedies regularly, in which you boil 6-7 pieces of gooseberry in 3 tablespoons of oil (coconut, olive, almond). Add 1 tbsp fenugreek powder. Let it cool overnight, apply on the entire scalp before bathing in the morning. Then wash it off with a mild herbal shampoo. Apart from this, apply onion juice, bottled juice or loofah juice in the hair and consume it regularly.

Which vitamin darkens hair?

According to health experts, the lack of vitamin C in the body causes dryness in the hair. Therefore, eat sour juicy fruits. Also, pantothenic acid found in B complex plays an important role in whitening gray hair. Para amino benzoic acid and folic acid are also useful for blackening of hair.