Milk is the biggest source of calcium and protein. That’s why it is called nutritious food. Milk contains calcium which is good for the health of bones as well as teeth. It is also rich in protein. It helps in maintaining good muscles and muscle health. But if you are losing weight, then the question of whether it is better to take milk or not is bothering many people. Many people dieting to lose weight think that drinking milk can lead to weight gain. But the truth is that milk rich in cream increases weight, but toned and double toned milk is beneficial for weight loss. Find out if a glass of milk causes weight gain.

150 calories calories

A cup of milk usually contains 150 calories. It contains natural sugars. Flavored milk available in the market contains added sugar. Due to which there is a possibility of increasing calories. Milk is an excellent source of protein. We all know how beneficial protein is for a good body. Protein works to control hunger hormones. Protein keeps the stomach full. This reduces the rate of loss of appetite. Calcium helps in weight loss without strengthening the teeth as well as the hair. Research shows that calcium and vitamin D help the body burn calories by increasing metabolism.

Vitamin B3 in milk is beneficial in maintaining weight as well as saving energy. Protein takes longer to digest. It makes you feel full. According to a recent research, milk contains conjugated linolenic acid which helps in burning calories. Milk contains good fats which are essential for smoothness. It also maintains good muscle health. This keeps the body strong. Milk increases weight only when extra calories are consumed in the diet. If you are gaining weight because of milk, it means that you are consuming too many calories in your diet. Consumption of milk alone does not lead to weight gain.