Heart attack
The photo of heart is on the woman’s body, severe heartache, Having heart attack or Painful cramps, Heart disease, Pressing on chest with painful expression.

There can be many reasons for having cardiophobia. If someone in the house has died due to heart attack, heart attack, then people with high cholesterol, BP or respiratory problems can also have this problem, because in all these diseases or conditions the patient is likely to have a stroke. happens more. So there is a fear in the mind of the patient which gradually turns into fomia.

  • Symptoms of Cardiophobia
  • fast heartbeat
  • Worry
  • high bp
  • dizzy
  • fainting
  • sudden sweating
  • shivering
  • Pain in chest
  • state of cardiophobia

Patients with cardiophobia sometimes complain of difficulty in breathing, sometimes chest tightness or pain. Sometimes a mild headache or vomiting makes him so frightened that his fear makes him unwell. He often thinks we are going to die.

Prevention and treatment of cardiophobia

First of all, the patient should see a doctor and undergo a thorough examination. When the test report is normal, the patient should be consulted and shown the report so that his mind becomes calm. However, to overcome cardiophobia, be sure to consult a psychologist. Problems can also be controlled with regular check-ups, exercise or yoga and meditation.