Consumption of fruits is recommended to stay healthy. According to experts, it is best to make fruits a part of the diet on a regular basis. Nutrients like vitamins, potassium and minerals present in them are very important for the body. Talking about the specialty of fruits, we can survive for many days only by eating fruits. Consumption of fruits keeps our body healthy and diseases away from us.

But if we do not adopt the right way of eating these fruits then we also have to face the loss. Often people make many such mistakes because of considering fruits to be good for health, which harm instead of benefiting them. Know about the mistakes that you often make while eating fruits.

right time

People think that fruits are good for health, so they can be eaten anytime, but it is not so. Morning is considered the best time to consume most fruits. This includes banana shakes, apples and other fruits. Let us tell you that citrus fruits often cause acidity and this includes the consumption of oranges and seasonings. If these fruits are eaten empty stomach in the morning, then instead of benefit, they can harm you.

water on watermelon

It is often seen that immediately after eating watermelon, not only children but adults also drink water. According to experts, it can cause serious diseases like diarrhea or cholera. Actually, water is present in a lot of these fruits and because of this also one should avoid drinking water after eating them.

Fruit selection according to taste

It has often been seen that many people do not choose fruits according to their effect and because of this they also have to suffer. If people with hot tastes consume fruits like pineapple, orange and banana then they may have problems. At the same time, those with cold taste should avoid the consumption of fruits like papaya and mango.

with yogurt or milk

Many people are fond of eating fruits with curd or milk, but let us tell you that it can also prove to be harmful. This method may sound delicious, but it can cause many health-related complaints. It is believed that eating curd and fruits together can cure many stomach problems.

stone problem

People who have kidney stone problems should avoid consuming any fruit without the advice of a doctor. This may harm them instead of benefiting them.