Potatoes are used a lot in winters. Whether it is used in making potato curry or in making french fries or else. But, at the same time, people also feel that eating potatoes makes them fat, they do not exercise during the winter season.

Due to which people gain weight. but it’s not like that. If you eat boiled potatoes then it proves to be very beneficial. They are rich in potassium, phosphorus, B-complex vitamins and vitamin-C. In addition, it is also low in calories and fat. Eating boiled potatoes not only keeps the energy in the body but also has many benefits for the body.

for mouth ulcers
Potato removes the problem of mouth ulcers. That’s why potatoes must be eaten. Potato helps in keeping the mind healthy. It is very beneficial for health due to being rich in nutrients like glucose levels, oxygen supply, hormones, amino acids, fatty acids omega-3 present in the body.

loss of appetite
Do – Eating boiled potatoes reduces appetite for a long time. Due to which there is no need to eat snacks and eat other things again and again. According to a study, a high amount of resistance starch is formed in boiled cold potatoes. It helps in increasing metabolism, in addition to reducing excess body fat, it is also very beneficial for health in other ways. Calories are found in boiled potatoes like sweet potatoes, which helps a lot in weight loss.

rich in phosphorous
Boiled potatoes are rich in nutrients. It contains about 25 percent more magnesium than boiled potatoes. It is also rich in folate. It also helps a lot in the development of the baby’s brain during pregnancy.

lose weight
It is a very good option to include potatoes in the food. Potassium is found in good quantity in it. Apart from this, it also contains fiber which controls blood pressure. Not only this, potato also controls digestion, reduces cholesterol. Vitamin A, C, B-complex carbohydrates are found in potatoes, which reduce the hypoglycemic index. Potato is also a good option for diabetics.

how to lose weight potato lose weight
After boiling the potatoes, let them cool completely. After that mash it or cut it into pieces. Black pepper can also be added to enhance the taste of boiled potatoes. Mix potato with curd or buttermilk and take it in breakfast or lunch. In such a situation, eating boiled potatoes keeps the weight under control. It is not at all necessary to abstain from potatoes to lose weight. Eating boiled potatoes mixed with curd also helps in reducing weight.