Sleep problems: Good sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle, but you must have noticed that some people get more sleep than they need. Such people remain lethargic and lethargic during the day even after getting a good night’s sleep. People consider lifestyle and health problems as the reason behind this, but it is not so. New research has mentioned that people who sleep more during the day or keep yawning even after getting a good night’s sleep, their body needs more sleep. It has nothing to do with their being lazy or lifestyle. Know what the study says.

Massachusetts General Hospital (Massachusetts General Hospital New Study) – Actually a study by Massachusetts General Hospital says that some people get more sleep. Their body needs more sleep. In this study, research was done on 4,52,633 people, in which people were asked how many hours of sleep they get in a day. Two types of people were included in this study, in which some people could not sleep well throughout the night and got up early in the morning, so they sleep during the day. At the same time, some people sleep during the day even after taking a good and long sleep at night.

Research has found that people who sleep or sleep more during the day, their biological clock demands more sleep. The reason behind this is not lifestyle or habit. This research may provide some support in sleep disorders such as narcolepsy. However, this matter is still being researched and no final result has been revealed at the moment.