Garlic-16506480473x2Garlic is eaten by most of the families in India. Some spices seem quite bland without garlic. Therefore, those who want to taste it, garlic is used more in their homes. You must know about the benefits of eating garlic, but do you know about the benefits of eating green garlic leaves? Do you know that eating garlic leaves has not one but many health benefits. Here we have given information about the benefits of garlic leaves.

1. Maintains Cholesterol Levels

Garlic leaves contain the active ingredient allicin, which lowers the level of bad cholesterol and helps in increasing the level of good cholesterol. This reduces the risk of heart related problems. As a result, garlic leaves play an important role in maintaining cholesterol levels.

2. Increases Blood Circulation

Garlic leaves are also very helpful in improving blood circulation. The vitamin C present in it helps the body absorb iron. Its consumption increases the amount of red blood cells in the body and improves blood circulation.

3. Improves Digestion

Garlic leaves have anti-inflammatory properties, which are helpful in relieving stomach related problems. Digestion is better by consuming this leaf. There is no problem of bloating either.

4. Strengthens Metabolism

Its anti-oxidant and antibiotic properties help in maintaining the balance of bacteria in the gut. Also it helps in maintaining good metabolism.

How to consume leaves?

Garlic leaves also help in detoxifying the body. Not only this, garlic leaves also help in controlling blood pressure. You can use its water by boiling garlic leaves. If you want, you can make garlic leaf vegetable or you can also make it in salad.