Banana and egg are considered very beneficial for health. Many gym-goers like to eat bananas and eggs, as it gives them plenty of energy. Due to which there is no weakness after workout.

Egg is another where it is considered to be a better source of protein. At the same time, banana is rich in carbohydrates. Now the question is, are there any disadvantages of eating banana and egg? Hence, we spoke to Preeti Srivastava, a dietitian at The Nutridiet Clinic, to know more on the subject. Let us know from the dietician whether banana and egg can be eaten together or not?

Does eating banana and egg cause harm? (Does eating banana and egg hurt?)

Dietician says that there is no harm in eating banana and egg together. Many of us make dishes by mixing bananas and eggs. Banana cake is the best example of these recipes. Banana cakes are consumed by children to the elderly. It does not cause any side effects. At the same time, many of us consume banana and egg together as breakfast. Children are also given this type of breakfast. However, some people are allergic to eggs, so eating eggs and bananas can lead to stomach pain or rashes. But this kind of problem does not happen in everyone. But keep in mind that every person’s body is different. That’s why your body may react differently to different diets. Therefore, before consuming anything, please consult a specialist.

benefits of eating banana

Banana is very beneficial for health. It contains many essential nutrients like carbohydrates, calories, magnesium, protein, iron, potassium, fiber, calcium, vitamin B6 and vitamin A, which are beneficial for the body. Many gym-goers who do these workouts like to eat bananas daily. By eating banana, your body gets instant energy. Not only this, many people consume bananas to improve digestion. and do it in different ways to increase


benefits of eating eggs

Talking about eggs, eggs are rich in proteins, which play an important role in strengthening the muscles of the body. That’s why many muscle makers prefer to eat raw eggs. Apart from this, eggs have the property of balancing cholesterol. The phosphatides and omega-3 acids present in it reduce the level of bad cholesterol in your body, which remains in you. At the same time, egg is also very beneficial for the brain of children. The enzyme called choline present in it enhances your memory capacity.

Egg side effects

Some people may be allergic to eggs. Due to which they complain of abdominal pain, cramps and cramps. At the same time, bacteria called salmonella are present in eggs, which can enter the body and damage your intestine. To avoid this situation, eggs should be cooked properly. On the other hand, if you have been advised not to take high protein, then do not consume eggs. This may increase your trouble.

Banana side effects

By the way, banana is considered beneficial for health. But if you consume it in excess, it can adversely affect your health. Therefore, it is advisable not to eat bananas in excess. Actually, the amount of carbohydrates and tryptophan in banana is high, due to which a person gets a lot of sleep. Apart from this, if you eat banana after consuming alcohol, then you may have a headache problem.