surat-girl-suicide-1-girl-1Due to the increase in heat in the stomach, many types of problems start occurring in the body. There is also the problem of mouth ulcers. There are many reasons for mouth ulcers. Problems include constipation, vitamin deficiencies, drinking too much hot water and protruding tongue while eating. These problems may sound small but are very painful. So let’s know today some home remedies for mouth ulcers which are very effective.

The heat of the stomach and the increased pitta leads to peeling of the mouth. In this case, the consumption of dried grapes is beneficial. Soaking black grapes in water for about 3 hours and eating it before sleeping at night is beneficial. This will reduce the heat of the body and the problem of constipation will also go away.

In summer, raw onion must be included in your diet. Due to which the body temperature remains right.

Mixing the powder made from the mixture of Katho, turmeric and Triphala with honey or rose water and applying it in the mouth in the morning, afternoon and night cures the blisters caused by any dosha or all three doshas.

Boil a quarter to half teaspoon alum in a glass of water and wash it with cold water.

Boiling the bark of acacia and washing it removes silver from the mouth.