water-with-saltWe usually gargle with salt water to prevent cold and cough, but this use can also protect against coronavirus. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh have confirmed this after a study. According to him, gargling with salt water is beneficial in throat infection. According to the study published in the Journal of Global Health, it has the ability to fight disease and fight infection. Apart from this, salt water in everyday life drives away many diseases. So today we need to know what are the benefits of salt water.

Salt water is a good antibacterial remedy. So if your voice is hoarse then washing with salt water opens the voice and makes the throat feel good.

Keeping a lump of salt in your mouth is beneficial even if you have a sore throat.

In case of low blood pressure, drinking one and a half teaspoon of salt in a glass of water is beneficial. Since salt is sodium, it raises blood pressure.

This mixture is beneficial for washing the face. Along with this, the problem of blemishes on the face also reduces.

Salt water is also good for toothache. Gargling with salt water 3-4 times a day provides relief in toothache and gum inflammation.

If there is constipation, drinking lukewarm salt water at bedtime helps in clearing the stool in the morning.

If you have a problem of worms, then wake up immediately in the morning and go to sleep at night.

Mixing salt in ginger and lemon juice and drinking it for a few days provides relief.

If the skin has turned black due to exposure to the sun, then mix a little salt in raw milk and apply it on the face. Wash your face for some time. The dirt of the face is removed and the face glows.

Dip one foot in warm running water, pausing between layers to let them dry.