Many things have to be kept in mind while measuring BP like right time, right position etc., otherwise the result can be wrong. If you know the right way to measure BP, then you can check your BP sitting at home and share the reading with the doctor.

We will talk further about what you should keep in mind while measuring BP. For better information on this topic, we spoke to Dr. Seema Yadav, MD Physician, Care Institute of Life Sciences, Lucknow.

1. Check BP after 2 hours of eating

If you have eaten food or have eaten full stomach, then you should check your BP only after 2 hours of eating food.
You also need to take care that your bladder is empty before taking BP, which can affect the reading.
Completely abstain from smoking for at least 30 minutes before measuring BP.
You should not consume caffeine for at least 30 minutes before or after measuring BP.

2. Check the reading in both hands

You should check the BP of both hands as the reading of the right hand may be different from that of the left hand. By checking BP, the doctor also gets an idea of ​​the problem of increasing or decreasing in the patient’s body. Apart from BP, doctors also diagnose the disease by heart rate, BP rate and body temperature.

3. Measure BP by resting your body (Relax your body before reading)

Before measuring BP, you have to keep your body relaxed and calm, otherwise you will not get the correct reading. Before measuring BP, sit comfortably on a chair for 5 minutes and place your hands on a flat surface so that there is no pressure on the part of your hand and you can test comfortably. During this, you have to keep your feet flat on the ground and do not cross the legs over each other. Apart from this, keep the back straight and measure BP by sitting on the dining table instead of the sofa.

4. Check BP twice a day (Check BP 2 times a day)

You should check your blood pressure twice a day, morning and evening. When you have not taken any medicine or food, that is empty stomach. Take the medicine in the evening when you have not taken the medicine. You also take two readings at a time, if there is a difference of more than 5 points in both the readings, then check BP for the third time also. You should keep a gap of at least 2 minutes between both the readings.

5. Wear loose clothes while checking BP

While doing the BP check, your clothes should be loose, especially from the side. The importance of this point increases when you are doing BP check at home. The portion of the cuff or bandage fitted with the BP machine should cover 80 percent of your arm. You also need to keep in mind that the cuff should be touching the skin directly and not the cloth, so you have to check the BP only by removing the edge of your cloth, otherwise there may be a difference in the readings.

The premise of this article is not to check your BP at home, it is always more accurate to seek medical help, so don’t forget to take the help of a doctor, in case of emergency you can check your BP by yourself or at home. Keep track but BP check can be done.