Why do I get a headache after eating ice cream? Why does brain freeze happen? According to experts, this is a temporary headache that occurs when too much cold food is consumed.

Such cases come to the fore when the heat is high and the person eats more cold things. Why does this happen? Scientists from Harvard Medical School have done research to find out the reason.
According to the report of Medical News Today, not only ice cream, when any very cold thing is eaten, its effect causes nerve pain, due to which sensation is felt till the human brain. This is called brain freeze. The faster this type of feeling occurs, the faster it ends.
According to research on brain freeze, it occurs when there is a sudden increase in blood flow in the cerebral arteries of the brain. After some time, as the arteries start coming back to their old position, the headache starts to normalize. During the research, people who saw the problem of brain freeze were given hot water to cure them.
Experts say that gargles are done with hot water when the brain freezes. After hot water reaches every part of the mouth, the circulation of hot air in the body increases, which gives relief from brain freeze. To avoid such a situation, avoid eating too cold things.
Experts say that if people suffering from migraine consume more cold things, then the risk of brain freeze remains even more. This type of condition occurs when there is increased blood flow to the brain. If you do not want this type of headache, then avoid eating cold things.