Symptoms of pregnancy: When a woman is sexually active and misses periods for a month, these can definitely be symptoms of pregnancy. But let us tell you that missing periods alone cannot be a symptom of pregnancy.

There are other symptoms that indicate pregnancy, according to MayoClinic.com. In today’s time, due to all the hormonal problems, there is a problem of missing periods. In such a situation, guessing pregnancy only if the period is missed can also prove to be wrong. That’s why today we will tell you about other similar pregnancy symptoms that indicate pregnancy apart from missing a period.

Symptoms of Pregnancy

difference in breast size

Within a week or two of conception, there is a feeling of heaviness in the breast due to hormonal changes. May be a sign of pregnancy. Don’t ignore it. However, it gets better after a few months due to hormonal changes. This can be considered as the first symptom of pregnancy.


If you are having morning sickness or feel like vomiting day and night, then it could be a symptom of pregnancy. In many people, this symptom goes away after the first trimester.

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more urination

During pregnancy, the body makes more blood, which causes the kidneys to filter more fluid. Because of this, there is a problem of excessive urination.


Sudden feeling of tiredness in the body can also be a symptom of pregnancy. Sometimes you want to sit for a while or feel tired while working.

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vaginal space

Many times the period does not come openly but the vaginal spot comes, due to which the woman feels that she is not pregnant. But let us tell you that spots and cramps in the vagina are also a sign of pregnancy.

having mood swings

Hormonal changes start in the body after pregnancy. In such a situation, the problem of anger, irritability or mood swings may be in vain.

body temperature rise

The body temperature remains slightly higher during pregnancy. In such a situation, if you are trying to raise a family, then take your temperature daily and write it down. If you are pregnant, your body temperature will rise.