anurag000000Union Minister Anurag Thakur he said That India with its rich culture and history has a lot to show and is emerging as the next AVGC manufacturing hub with its ‘hard and soft power’. on Tuesday Raisina dialogue Addressing 2022, Thakur said that India has the potential to become a subcontinent as it is emerging as a strong power in the world. Speaking at Raisi’s Dialogue, Thakur said that India has a lot to offer with its rich culture and history and the country “animation, visual effects, gaming and comics”. (AVGC) Emerging as a “Hard and Soft Power”.

“Any nation needs hard power to survive, and a nation needs soft power to survive consistently and across borders,” he said. Through which the spread of culture, cuisine and architecture expanded its soft power in countries like China, Cambodia, Sri Lanka. , Malaysia and Indonesia. The Minister said that in the last few decades, India is emerging as a hard power and is expanding its soft power through cinema.

India’s soft power is cinema, it rules the hearts of millions: Thakur

Earlier on Thursday, Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur had said that Indian cinema is a soft power of the country, which rules the hearts of millions of people across the world. He made the remarks after visiting the National Museum of Indian Cinema (NMIC) at the Film Division complex here. He said that Indian cinema has made a name for itself in the world through entertainment. Thakur said that most of the films in the world are made in India.