Gujarat assembly elections are due later this year. Since then, political parties have also started preparations. There is a lot of talk about whether Naresh Patel will join Congress or any other party at this time in the state.

Meanwhile, it is learned that Congress has conducted an internal survey in Rajkot. AICC leaders’ camp has been set up in Rajkot.

According to the information received, the activities of the top BJP-Congress leaders in Saurashtra have intensified due to the possibility of having the most liquid votes in Saurashtra of Gujarat and the caucus contest between BJP and Congress in the last assembly elections.

An internal survey has been done by the Congress regarding the elections in Tevama Rajkot. It is worth mentioning that the Union Minister has been visiting Saurashtra from time to time for some time now. At the same time, it is being said that the opinion of the political parties is that the change of votes is more in Saurashtra. For this, the parties of different parties are preparing.