382257-modividesssssNew Delhi Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known worldwide for his foreign policy. His enemies are also convinced of Modi’s diplomacy. At this time there is a political turmoil in the neighboring country of Pakistan, Imran Khan has snatched the PM’s chair. At that time Imran Khan also reminded Modi that the current situation in India is very strong. India is currently highly respected globally for its foreign policy. Then PM Modi is preparing for a foreign tour at the beginning of this year to pursue this foreign policy in the interest of the country. You must have thought that which country will PM Modi visit first this year. So you have to read this article to know the answer.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Germany, Denmark and France on May 2-4. This will be the first foreign visit of Prime Minister Modi this year. PM Modi will hold bilateral talks with German Federal Chancellor Olaf Schulz in Berlin.

After this, PM Modi will go to Copenhagen at the invitation of Danish PM Matt Fredriksson. He will also participate in the 2nd India-Nordic Summit organized by Denmark. Upon his return on May 4, the Prime Minister will briefly stay in Paris and meet with French President Emmanuel Macron. The 75th anniversary of Indo-French friendship will also be celebrated. French President Emmanuel Macron has returned to power for the second time. PM Modi will meet him and wish him well.