DEHRADUN, 27 APRIL (H.C.). Cabinet minister Rekha Arya cut wheat on Wednesday. Even though he is not a farmer, but to get acquainted with the plight of the farmers, today he along with the women helped them in harvesting the wheat crop.

While coming from Vikasnagar to Dehradun, Cabinet Minister Rekha Arya saw women farmers cutting wheat in the field in Kedarwala, then Minister Rekha Arya stopped her convoy and reached among the women farmers cutting wheat in the field. The women were surprised to see cabinet minister Rekha Arya in their midst.

Along with the harvesting of wheat, Cabinet Minister Rekha Arya also shredded the wheat on the thresher. Along with this, information was taken from the women of the village working in the farm of the farmer, from the sowing of the field to the sale of wheat and other grains at the purchasing centers. Also heard in detail about the problems faced by women farmers in agriculture. Also took information from women about the rations received from ration shops under the schemes of the government.

After this, Cabinet Minister Rekha Arya honored the women farmers present. Cabinet Minister Rekha Arya said that her government has always stood with farmers and women. At the same time, it will be his endeavor that work will be done in this direction in how to empower women.