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Raipur , 27 April (H.S.). National farmer leader Rakesh Tikait has attacked the government as soon as he reaches Chhattisgarh. As soon as he reached Mana airport in Raipur on Wednesday, he told reporters that the demands of the affected people of Nava Raipur are justified. In Chhattisgarh also there should be no movement like Delhi, so there should be a solution. The strike should not be removed by force. The solution should be through dialogue, not by force. He said on the forceful termination of the dharna of the affected farmers of Nava Raipur.

Farmer leader Tikait has reached Nava Raipur on Wednesday afternoon to attend the Panchayat of the affected farmers of Nava Raipur. Talking to reporters at the airport, Tikait said that he has written a letter to the government for a solution. The government had said earlier and farmers are now demanding the same. Whatever the farmer will get, he will get it only once. The demand of farmers is justified. We will also talk to the government.

It is noteworthy that the affected farmers of Nava Raipur have been agitating for the last 115 days for their eight-point demands. Farmers are now agitating in ‘Ama Garden’ located at Kayabandha in Nava Raipur after the administration was forcefully removed from the NRDA campus.