Dantewada, April 27 (H.S.). Public participation committee meeting was organized in Government Danteshwari Postgraduate College on Wednesday. Various topics related to the college were discussed in the meeting. The meeting was attended by the committee’s chairperson and ZIP president Tulika Karma and other members. In the said meeting, agenda was prepared on 09 points by the college, on which decisions were taken.

After the meeting was over, the JIP President along with the teachers inspected the college. During this, JIP members Sulochana Karma, Devi Prakash Singh Chauhan, Indira Sharma, Indra Thakur, Praveen Rana, Jitendra Chaudhary, Pramod Gupta, Manoj Surana, Kavi Sinha, Rakesh Karma, Asif Raza, Gajlu Podiam, Sohan Sethia, Ajay Markam and others were present. .

Shikha Sarkar, who is conducting the program, told that even after the appointment of Assistant Professor of Law Department, the students are not getting its benefits due to lack of law college, on which the members soon talked about correspondence at the higher level. Where is it? At the same time, the chairman said to write a letter to the administration to open classes on economics, sociology, Hindi literature, English literature and forestry subjects in the college. To prevent the entry of unwanted people and heavy vehicles in the college premises, the members of the committee agreed on the construction of boundary wall and installation of CC TV.

In the meeting, the management demanded items from NMDC for operation of water cooler, RO water, forestry laboratory, on which the representative from NMDC assured a meaningful initiative soon. Similarly, other issues related to the college were discussed in detail. The chairman of the committee, Tulika Karma has asked the college management to publish the tender to start the closed canteen in the college soon.