Emmanuel Macron has again won the presidential election in France. This is the second time in 20 years that a leader has become President of France for the second time in a row. Macron won for the second time as well but two facts are worth noting. First, Macron got fewer votes in this election than in the previous election of 2017. In the last election, he got almost twice the votes of his rival Marine Le Pen, but this time the gap has narrowed considerably. Macron got 58.5 percent and Le Pen got 41.5 percent of the vote. There were also rumors during the election that Le Pen could defeat Macron. Le Pen is a French female leader who is far-right. While Macron is not a leftist. They are mediocre. This election of France had kept the people suffocated. If Le Pen had won, people feared that she would support Russia in Ukraine, as she has good relations with Vladimir Putin. He is a fierce nationalist. So there were doubts that as Britain left the European Union, Le Pen would try to get France out of the European Union and perhaps even NATO.

Macron’s vote fell short and Le Pen could not win, partly because 28 percent of the electorate did not take part in the vote. Meanwhile, unemployment and inflation in France had broken the back of the people. Macron could not take the claims he had made in the last election on the ground. The statement Macron made after his victory is an authentic mirror of French politics. She has said that despite all her weaknesses, the French people have won her because they do not want to hand over France to right-wing extremists. Macron’s chances of victory in the parliamentary elections to be held in June are also very good. Macron is currently 44 years old. He was a banker before joining politics. It is expected that they will bring many improvements in the economic situation of France in the next five years.

He has imposed several sanctions to contain Islamic extremists but he is not prone to anti-Islamicism like Le Pen. In the matter of foreign policy also, he has neither opened an anti-American front nor does he claim to be hostile to Russia. He communicated with both Putin and Zelensky during the Ukraine-War. France’s economic and strategic relations with India have also grown closer in the last five years. Although France is not a member of the quadruple in the Indo-Pacific region, India and its policies have much in common. In the latest economic and political equations that India has made with the European Union, the role of France will also be very important, because France is the largest and powerful nation of the European Union. The closeness of Indo-French relations will now be reaffirmed during the visit of the Indian Prime Minister to Europe next week.