Vijay Babu Rape Case: Rape cases against women are increasing in the film world. Now a case of rape has been registered against Vijay Babu, a well-known actor and producer of Malayalam film industry. The actor is accused of having sex with a woman instead of acting in films. According to sources, the complainant, a resident of Kozhikode, has filed a case of rape against Vijay Babu.

According to the plaintiffs, Vijay Babu first talked to her about giving her a job in films, and invited her to his home, and often had physical pleasures with her. A case was registered against the actor on April 22. The victim alleged that even four days after the complaint, the police did not interrogate the actor about the matter. Police are yet to reveal the whereabouts of Vijay Babu. However, the allegations against the actor have created a stir in the Malayalam film industry.

Notably, Vijay Babu is a prolific producer and actor in the Malayalam film industry. The number of fans of the actor is in crores. Vijay Babu has given many hit films in the industry. He has a production company named Friday Film House. He has announced how many new films he will make from this production house.