face In the posh area of ​​the city, Vesu, a 6-year-old girl has committed suicide by suffocation. The bride’s family alleges that her daughter has been murdered. The family alleges that my daughter is being harassed for dowry for the last four years. Because of this my daughter committed suicide the next day. The daughter also has two children. There was a face-off between the two families outside the Civil Hospital postmortem room.

Umra police has started further investigation in the matter. The deceased has been identified as Jyoti Ben Govia, Vesu Vastugram. Husband Sahil Govia should be accused of torture. 5 years have passed since marriage. The child has 2 children. The deceased Jyoti has studied M-Tech Engineering.

Asha of Vadodara’s Waghodia Taluka – A young man trapped near the Badharpuri canal. The youth lived with his family in Akshar township of Waghodia. The father of four children committed suicide, the bike of the deceased has been recovered from the spot. The local people informed the Waghodia police about the incident. Police have seized the body and are investigating further.

Two youths have been sentenced to 20 years in prison for raping a woman five years ago. The woman was raped by taking her to an empty place near Surat bus depot. The victim had come to Surat from Ahmedabad. Due to ill health, she was sitting near the depot. Chhotaram Kushwaha and Ramusingh took the Rajput woman to a vacant place in confidence.


He raped the cow by taking it to the buffalo hideout. The woman was given paracetamol and other medicines and placed on a smear. The defendants were arrested on the basis of Shameer’s CCTV. The court sentenced the accused to 20 years imprisonment and fined Rs 5 lakh.