of the field gobalaz A dispute has arisen in the village regarding the entry of Baliadeo into the temple. Dalits of Goblaj village Some members of the community had gone to Baliadeo’s temple to clear the obstruction. During this, people from other communities held meetings in the village and invited the people of the Dalit community. temple Threatened not to enter. He was threatened with death if he entered the temple again. Frightened by the threat, the victims have lodged a complaint under the Atrocity Act against four people at the Kheda Town police station. , Based on which the police have started investigation to nab the accused. Therefore, as soon as the complaint was registered with the police, the four threatening the accused have fled.

Rameshbhai Budhbhai Shenwa, 39, resident of Senwa Vas of Goblej village in Kheda taluka and people of Falia had gone to Baliadeo temple in the village to have cold food during the current Chaitra month. This was informed to the upper castes of the village. After which the people of Patel caste of the village as well as other castes including Thakor had called a meeting of villagers last night near Kabutari of the village in this matter. Thakorbhai Ramanbhai Parmar (Rohit), Hiteshbhai Jagdishbhai Vaghela (Valmik), Natwarbhai Amritbhai Valmik and Satishbhai Muljibhai Parmar participated in the meeting along with Rameshbhai Senwa from the Dalit community of the village.

After this meeting, Bhikhai Sanabhai Sodha Parmar, Ashok Vithal Patel, Bharat Mafatbhai Bhoi and Ranjeet Chandubhai Chauhan said that you do not come to our Balliadev temple and if you come, I will break your arms and legs. Threatened with such fear.