A terrible accident has happened in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. The incident took place during a temple festival in Thanjavur district on Wednesday morning, in which 11 people died due to electric shock. According to the information received, during the procession, the chariot came in contact with the high tension wire passing over it, after which the current spread throughout the chariot and caught fire.


electric wire on chariot
During the Rath Yatra, when the devotees were passing through the road, then somehow the electric wire passing from above came in contact with the chariot and the current spread. There are also reports of several people getting injured and burnt in the accident. Top officials reached the spot and carried out relief work. After the accident, the Chief Minister’s Office has announced financial assistance of Rs 5 lakh to the families of the deceased.

how did the accident happen?
Area IG V Balakrishnan said 15 people were injured in the accident. During the procession, the chariot came in contact with an electric wire, which led to the accident, he said.


A girl was also among the dead. The tragic accident happened in the early hours of Wednesday near Kalimedu, when the Rath Yatra of the Upper Temple was going on. Police and eyewitnesses told that the chariot was passing and in the meantime it came in contact with the electric wire passing over it, due to which the people present in the chariot were electrocuted.

This festival is celebrated every year
Three people injured in the incident have been admitted to Thanjavur Medical College. The chariot appears to have been completely burnt after the incident.

The 94th festival was being held at the Thanjavur temple. A large number of devotees reached the temple to participate in this festival. During this, traditionally Rath Yatra was organized on the road and this time this accident happened.