in Surat RTE The first round has been declared for admission in class-I under , Out of which 8738 students of Surat city have been admitted in class-1 in private school under RTE. , Parents of students taking admission under RTE will have to take admission in the school by 5th May 2022. Under the Right to Education (RTE) Act-2009, children from poor and disadvantaged groups are given free admission in class-I in private schools. The first round for the academic year 2022-2023 was announced in class-I under RTE.

According to the information received from the office of Surat District Education Officer, there are 919 private schools in Surat city. There are over 9,000 seats under RTE, an estimated 25 per cent. A total of 30,224 applications were made for RTE. Of these, 26,094 applications were approved, 919 applications were rejected and 3211 applications were rejected. 8738 seats were allotted in the first round. The parent has to go to school by May 5, 2022 and take admission of the child in class-I.

6933 seats vacant due to lack of selection in the state

Regarding allotment of admission in class-1 for the academic year 2022-2023 under RTE, Deputy Director of Primary Education Dr. S. P. Chaudhary said that there are 9955 private schools in the state of Gujarat. There are 71,396 seats under RTE at 8 per cent. 1,76,405 applications have been approved for RTE in the state. 16,629 applications were rejected. 64,463 entries were allotted in the first round announced. Due to non-selection, 6933 seats are vacant. A record 1,82,000 forms were filed in the state under RTE for the academic year 2022-2023.

It is noteworthy that according to the published guidelines for online registration, the admission of children who take admission on the basis of information or evidence is canceled and giving such information is an offense. Only children of parents from vulnerable and disadvantaged groups were able to apply. After filling the online entry form, the documents were to be properly scanned and uploaded on the website. If the uploaded document does not appear to be valid then the application is rejected on that ground.