Worldwide on 28 April every year ( World food wastage Stop food waste day is organized. Actually, people are being warned to stop wasting food. The trend of throwing away food has taken a serious turn around the world. It is estimated that by 2050 food waste could double worldwide. If food wastage continues like this, it will become even more difficult to achieve the goal of zero hunger set by the United Nations to end hunger worldwide by 2030.

Extra meals are distributed to people in need in France, Italy, Copenhagen, London, Stockholm, Auckland and Milan. Many Indian institutions have also started Roti Banks. These banks distribute food to the needy. With such efforts, everyone has to stop the wastage of food. Many charitable organizations in Gujarat provide free food to the needy. Most of the religious institutions in Gujarat run the food sector.

The food we leave on our plate has also started showing its adverse effects on the environment. According to research conducted by the World Resources Institute and the Rockefeller Foundation, food waste increases greenhouse gases by eight to ten percent. Its emissions also affect grain production, increasing the problem of global warming. The habit of wasting food grains instead of using it wisely works to pollute the environment around us. Such a polluted environment is injurious to human health.

ways to prevent food spoilage

1. Buy what you want

In our one-on-one free offers, we carry a lot of items that are often thrown away without being used. This leads to a lot of wastage of food items. So you can take all these measures to avoid it.

  1. Prepare a food menu for the week
  2. Prepare a shopping list accordingly, as well as keep in mind its quantity.
  3. If there is a festival during this time, then take care of it and buy things.

2. Understand the meaning of expiry date

A date is written on the packet next to the use which means that you have to use that product till that date. Although this item is written on most food packets, but things like milk, curd, bread, meat expire very quickly, so be careful while buying and using this item. This will prevent food wastage.

3. Use What’s First

Before cooking, check the things kept in the fridge once so that the things that expire quickly can be used first. With this, you can use the rest of the lentils and vegetables in parathas, puris. Smoothies and juices can be made from overripe fruits. New dishes can be made from the remaining ingredients.

4. Avoid Overeating

Avoid eating too much food at the same time on the dinner plate, as this increases the risk of food spoilage. It would be better to finish eating some food and then go away. A lot of food gets wasted in weddings and parties.

5. Share Extra Food

If you have a lot left over for a house party, anniversary or birthday celebration, ask your neighbors and friends instead of throwing it away. If you are hesitant to do so, there is an option to distribute food among the poor. However, now many types of food banks have also started, whose job is to collect food from home and deliver it to the needy.

Preventing food from spoiling is not a difficult task. We can easily prevent food waste by expanding our thinking and changing our habits.