West railway of scorching heat at Surat railway station Go There is a huge demand for railway water since last 10 days. IRCTC Despite the supply of water by rail, there is a shortage of these water bottles due to heat. The situation is that water cans of railways are being sold immediately at the station stalls. As a result, the food stall operators are not even getting a chance to keep the bottles of Rail Nir in the freezer. Therefore, passengers have to be content in plain water only. IRCTC regional officials said that due to the increasing heat, the use of rail water in long distance trains is increasing. Apart from this, there is so much demand at the suburban stations of West and Central Railway of Mumbai that there is continuous supply of rail at the station. However, the supply is dwindling.

Rail neer sale legal

10,000 boxes shipped this week. It is noteworthy that the Ambernath Rail Neer plant used to produce 1 lakh 80 thousand bottles before summer but in summer it has reached 2 lakh 10 thousand. Railway officials said that Surat Railway is one of the notified stations of Western Railway where selling rail water is legal. Where earlier 500 to 800 bottles were consumed daily, now its consumption is increasing continuously due to the scorching heat. Now about two thousand bottles are being sold daily.

200 trains run daily at Surat station

The food stall operators said that there is so much demand every day that the rail water we have is running low. Because most travelers buy whole cans of water bottles. With the increase in heat, the consumption of rail water at Surat station has also increased. It is noteworthy that more than 200 trains run daily at Surat Railway Station. Due to the summer vacation season, about 80 thousand passengers are passing through here daily. In such a situation, due to the scorching heat, the demand for rail water among the passengers of the trains has increased significantly. Despite this, there is a shortage of water in the train.