Kagwad Khodaldham President Naresh Patel last few days from Are debating when he will join politics. A meeting of trustees is to be held in Kagwad Khodaldham today , The next general meeting is likely to be discussed. On the other hand, a survey is being done on whether Naresh Patel should join politics or not. In which most of the youth have given opinion that Naresh Patel should come into politics. So the leaders of Patidar society say that Naresh Patel is needed in social work so that he does not come into politics. At present, the survey of the Political Committee of Khodaldham is going on. Which will be completed by the end of April. Only after this the board of trustees will make any announcement regarding Naresh Patel.

The news also came amid speculation of Khodaldham President Naresh Patel entering politics that the preliminary findings of the survey were revealed and accordingly an internal survey of Khodaldham Political Committee found that most of the people were of the opinion that Naresh Patel should not enter politics. should do. , Till now Naresh Patel has been saying that if the society says so, then I will definitely go into politics. That is why there was an emphasis in the internal survey of the society that now one should not enter politics. However, the details of how the survey was conducted have been kept secret. On the other hand, the Politics Committee of Khodaldham said that no such data has been released.

The survey of the political committee of Khodaldham is still going on. Which will be completed by the end of April. After which the chairman of Khodaldham Naresh Patel will announce his decision. Earlier BJP, Congress and AAP all staged a sit-in on the red carpet to welcome Naresh Patel into politics. At that time there is a debate in the political circles regarding the final decision of Naresh Patel.