face : The crime branch caught the mother and son of Navsari Jalalpur who were selling charas from Himachal Pradesh and selling them in Surat. After 235 grams of charas was recovered from them, a woman husband and another son were also nabbed with more than 1560 grams of charas in their house with Navsari district LCB. She used to bring charas from Himachal Pradesh and hide it in her house and sell it in the posh area of ​​Surat.

Surat Police was on alert mode due to increase in the sale of drugs in Surat. The police were constantly on the lookout for the smugglers selling ganja and narcotics. Meanwhile, the crime branch was informed that a mother-son duo were returning from a moped to sell hashish in Vesu area. According to the report, 22-year-old Utsav Rameshbhai Sangani and his mother Shantaben alias Sheetal, sitting on a moped near Dumas Road luxury trade hub, were stopped at around 3 pm. 235 grams of charas worth Rs 35,343 was recovered from the purse of Shantaben alias Sheetal.


Besides the charas, the crime branch found a moped, mobile phone and cash and a total of Rs 1,13,343 was seized. Surat Crime Branch and Navsari District LCB recovered 1560 grams of charas worth Rs 2,34,900, cash of Rs. The police have also arrested Shantaben alias Sheetal’s husband Rameshbhai Sangani and another son Darshan. Two separate cases were registered at Surat Crime Branch and Jalalpur Police Station.

When the Crime Branch interrogated Shantaben alias Sheetal, it was found that she was known as Sheetal Aunty in the posh area of ​​Surat. Nirav Arunbhai Patel, a native of Athwalines Keshavjyot Apartments in Surat and now residing in Himachal Pradesh, orders a lot of charas at his Navsari home or hides it in the house and later sells it in Navsari, apart from in the posh area of ​​Surat. Nirav Patel sometimes used to send charas deliveries through his acquaintance Santosh Chauhan aka Aarti. The Crime Branch has declared both as wanted and started further action.

Search of the flat found 389 bags of small and big Amazon.in besides charas, sale, zip bags and other items from different parts of the house. When the police inquired about this, Sheetal Aunty told that she had bought the entire bag from her neighbor who was doing delivery work in Amazon. At present, the crime branch has presented Sheetal Aunty in the court and is investigating further.