Ahmedabad: The heads of security agencies around the world recently had an important meeting in the capital Delhi. The meeting was led by India’s Security Advisor NSA Ajit Doval. This meeting was very important for India as the meeting of the heads of international security agencies was held in India for the first time. Which was led by India.

In this meeting held under Raisi’s Dialogue Program, 20 countries from all over the world participated. These include countries including Israel, Germany, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Let us know, which are the best security agencies in the world? And this is how it works. Which country’s security agency is the most dangerous, you have to read this article to know the answer.

In every country of the world, the agency holds its responsibility to protect citizens, documents and intelligence in a very calm but dangerous manner. The general public is not even aware of the people working in these agencies and their patterns. Know about the 10 most powerful intelligence agencies in the world, in whose names the enemy’s hair stands. The enemy trembles on hearing his name. Today we will give information about 10 such agencies. About which you have no knowledge.

The intelligence agency receives information about all private activities going on inside or outside a country. Also collects information in collaboration with other organizations. And makes a strong effort to prevent any force majeure. Even civilians have confidence in the security provided by this intelligence agency. Then which is the intelligence agency that protects the country from terrorism and any major threat. It is these intelligence agencies that keep all the countries of the world safe from many major internal and external attacks.

1. RAW (Research Analysis Wing):
RAW is the intelligence agency of India. It was established in 1968. Its head office is in New Delhi. RAW has complete knowledge of foreign affairs, criminals and terrorists. Intelligence Bureau also works for the security of the country. Together, both the agencies have foiled many major terrorist attacks.

2. Mossad:
Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad is considered one of the most powerful intelligence agencies in the world. Mossad was established in 1949. Mossad mainly carries out anti-terrorist activities. and conducts a covert operation. The purpose of which is to protect the country.

3. CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) :
It is the most popular agency in America. It was founded in 1947 by the then President Harry A. Truman did it. The CIA is divided into four parts. Its head office is in Virginia, near Washington. The CIA reports to the Director of National Intelligence. In 2013, The Washington Post named the CIA the highest-paid intelligence agency. CIA works for the security of the country including prevention of cyber crime and terrorism.

4. MI6 (Military Intelligence Section-6):
It is the intelligence agency of the United Kingdom. MI6, one of the oldest intelligence agencies, was established in 1909. MI6 works for joint intelligence, defense, information sharing with the government. MI6 is also responsible for overseeing the country’s institutions.

5. BDS (Bundesnachrichtendienst):
The German intelligence agency Bundesnachrichtendienst was formed in 1956. BND is considered one of the best spy and state-of-the-art intelligence agencies in the world. Its head office is in Pulach, near Munich.

6. MSS (Ministry of State Security):
It is a Chinese intelligence agency. It was established in 1983. The agency is responsible for conducting counter-intelligence operations and foreign intelligence operations. Its headquarter is in Beijing. Its annual budget is 56 billion Chinese yuan.

7. ASIS (Australian Secret Intelligence Service):
It is an Australian intelligence agency. It was established on 13 May 1952. It is headquartered in Canberra, Australia. ASIS is compared to US CIA and UK intelligence agency MI-6.

8. DGSE (Directorate General of External Security):
It is a French intelligence agency. It was established in 1982. Its purpose is to gather intelligence from abroad for the French government. Its head office is in Paris.

9. ISI (Inter Service Intelligence):
ISI is the intelligence agency of Pakistan. It was established in 1948. According to the US Crime Report, ISI was considered the most powerful agency. However, ISI has recently been accused of supporting terrorism. An ISI agent has been implicated in the terrorist attack in India. Its head office is in Islamabad.

10. FSB (Federal Security Service):
This is Russia’s intelligence agency. It was established on 12 April 1995. The headquarter of the FSB is in Moscow. In addition to intelligence matters, the FSB also keeps a close watch on border matters.