Grih-PraveshMumbai: Hinduism home entry in Some rules have been given regarding this. your new home to enter Some special moments are taken out before. And Accordingly, the house is entered. So know these rules of home entry. It is everyone’s dream to build a dream house and then decorate it. But building a house is not enough to fulfill the dream. happiness for it Need too. Man can be happy only when there is peace in the house and there is the smell of Mother Lakshmi.

some special moments

In Hinduism, some rules have been given regarding home entry. Therefore, before entering the house, some special moments are taken out and the house is entered accordingly. For this, before entering the house, let us know some rules of home entry, which will benefit you if you follow it.

These are the important rules before entering the house

According to astrology, an auspicious time is taken before entering the house and it is considered important. It is believed that one should not enter the house on Sundays and Saturdays.

Do not enter the house before Holi

There are a few things to keep in mind while moving to a new home. There is also a belief that one should not enter the house before Holi. It is also believed that the first Holi is not lit in the new house.

best for homecoming

The days before Diwali and Navratri are considered the best for home entry.

enter home with family

Fast on the day of entering the house. After bathing in the morning, wearing clean clothes is advised to enter the house with the family.

– Decorate the house with flowers and pylons in auspicious time.

what to do for a new home

It is believed that before entering the house, cover the door with a clean and dry cloth and keep the Kalash in the house.

While entering the house, first of all the door or door should be worshipped.

It was also said that offerings should be made only to lucky women or Brahmins for worship of the doorway.

Husband and wife can also come forward together.
After worshiping Dar or Dara, worship Dikpal, Kshetrapal and village deity.

Then enter through the main entrance of the house

While entering the house, first of all keep your right foot forward.

Make the Navagraha peace necessary by performing Havan in the house on this day.

It is believed that on this day the housewife should first boil milk in the kitchen.