navgrahAstrology According to it, Navagraha has a profound effect on the life of a person. It also plays an important role in the progress of the individual. That is why it is said that one should try to keep the nine planets in a high position in their horoscope. Because it is believed that one who has a high position of a planet in his horoscope can easily get all kinds of happiness in life. However, very few people realize that we can improve the planetary positions by making small changes in our daily habits. And through this we can get good fruit. Finally, let’s get into the details of which planets should be regularly experimented with.


A copper bracelet or a copper ring should be worn to strengthen the position of the Sun in the horoscope. If possible, a locket made of copper can also be worn. Sun can be strengthened in your horoscope only by wearing this copper bracelet, ring or locket!


The first thing every morning is to eat anything white. If you want, you can drink milk after completing the bath. By doing this remedy every morning, the position of Moon in your horoscope becomes stronger.

Mars planet

You can hold red line in hand to strengthen Mars. If you want, you can also take cash. Because its color is also red. This remedy will soon strengthen the planet Mars in your horoscope.


To strengthen the planet Mercury, raw green chili should be consumed with it. Mercury gets stronger by eating green chilies with food.


If you want Jupiter to be strong in your horoscope, then you should always use a pinch of turmeric in bath water. Soon Jupiter will give you auspicious results.

planet venus

Keeping your body clean as well as using cosmetics strengthens your Venus. Because Venus is considered the god of beauty. Therefore, using cosmetics makes your sperm strong and happy.

Saturn planet

Always wear black gloves on your feet. If possible, you should also wear black color on your feet. Just by doing this simple remedy, soon the grace of Shani Dev will start showering on you and you will get relief in Panoti.


To strengthen Rahu-Ketu in your horoscope, feed the dog daily. Also, if possible, donate black clothes on Saturday evening.