20_05_2020-shanijiAstrology Latest News: Saturn’s orbit in Aquarius You all must know about this, but after 100 years, the day has come to reserve Shani Maharaj (Shani Maharaj) which is rare. Giving more information about this, well-known astrologer Chetan Patel said that after 30 years, Shani is going to enter his own zodiac, Aquarius, Saturn’s zodiac change on April 29 and next day on 30, Shanishwari Amas and Shanishwari Amas and five will happen. Coincidence of Saturday in April, all these yogas indicate the auspicious power of Shani who receives special grace.

As per astrology it is very difficult to keep Shani safe because Shani has devious vision that Shani is bad or punishes in panoti when it brings people from sky to ground to please. According to the scriptures, Shani is the lord of Shani and Kumbharashi is also the lord and he is also called Ratri Yagya and Amas is called Maharatri. Shani Dev is very pleased on this day. By worshiping Shani Maharaj at this time or by taking the right measures, Shani Dev can be saved quickly because Shani Maharaj is very happy and in a strong position on this day.

According to Astrologer Chetanbhai Patel, those who have started Panoti and those who have inauspicious effect of Shani, and whose Saturn is inauspicious in their Kundli, are inferior or hostile at this time and suffer hardships like betrayal, fighting, fighting. . , court. Office loss, debt debt, delay in marriage, conflict in marital life, interruption in work, family conflict, revenge, poison, or sudden physical mental problem, airborne disease, diabetes, pressure, joint pain, heart problem. The zodiac sign Cancer from which small panoti has started, and Scorpio A and Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces have started big panoti, they should also take scriptural measures to keep Shani safe.

Remedies to please Shani Maharaj

  1. On this day, first of all take a pledge to get the blessings of Shani Dev and remove the troubles and sufferings and take the following measures
  2. On this day fasting, one meal in the evening, one can take pulses and roti, milk and fruits during the day.
  3. Do Hanuman Chalisa thrice in the evening or before sleeping at night or thrice in the morning, evening and midnight.
  4. One rosary of Shani Mantra – (1 or 2 rosary of any mantra should be done with the prayer of pain relief)
  5. Nilanjanam sambhasam ravi son yamarajam, Chhaya martand sambhutam tam namami shaneshwaram!
  6. Om Shan Shaneshwarai Name:
  7. Offer oil, vermilion or Aad or black sesame seeds to Hanumanji and Shani Dev
  8. Donating to the poor is Shani Amavasya
  9. donate your old clothes to the poor
  10. Donating black blankets to the poor.
  11. donate iron utensils
  12. donate black sesame
  13. donate food or grains as much as possible
  14. to help as much as possible by giving money or things to people in need
  15. feeding dogs and crows

By taking such measures on this day, Shani Dev is entertained and he becomes happy and by his grace, troubles, troubles and troubles are definitely removed, there is no trauma even in auspicious time, there is a way to get rid of sufferings.