SBI-1024x576The country’s largest state-run bank State Bank of India (SBI) has issued a warning to its customers. The warning was issued by the bank to protect 45 crore customers from any kind of fraud. Even before this, customers are being alerted from time to time by the bank. Now the bank has been asked not to receive calls by giving two phone numbers.

bank employee fraud

These two numbers on the part of SBI have increased the chances of fraud and you may suffer loss. These days the cases of fraud are increasing. Keeping this in mind, the bank has issued this warning to protect the consumers from any phishing scam. The bank said that in many cases information about phishing scams has come to the fore through tweets, SMS and e-mails. On calling, these people cheat the customer by pretending to be an employee of SBI.

write these two numbers

State Bank of India (SBI) has asked both the numbers 8294710946 and 7362951973 not to receive calls. The bank has said that if a call comes from both these numbers, then do not make the mistake of receiving.

CID Assam expressed disaster

Earlier CID Assam had expressed displeasure over both the numbers shown by SBI. CID Assam tweeted that State Bank customers were getting calls from two numbers 8294710946 and 7362951973. Customers calling from these numbers are asked to do KYC and click on the link sent on the mobile.

Both these numbers are not associated with the bank

The bank said that both the numbers were not linked in any way with State Bank of India (SBI). This was written while re-tweeting the Assam CID on behalf of SBI. State Bank of India (SBI) in response to a tweet from a customer said that IT Security will take immediate action against the two numbers.