all over the world Electric cars There is a huge demand for Companies from Tesla to Tata are constantly preparing to launch new models of their electric cars. Electric cars are not only a great way to save fuel but also a great way to save the environment. If you are also thinking of buying an electric car, then keep some things in mind. Electric Cars Conventional CNG Cars such as petrol-diesel or CNG are different. If you are thinking of buying an electric car, then definitely know about these benefits. Of course, this car is more expensive than other cars in terms of price. This may sound affordable to you, but this You get tax relief on the purchase of a car) is given. Before buying any electric car, keep these five things in mind.

1. Pay special attention to prices

Electric vehicles are great for the environment but in terms of pocket, it can be a bit heavy for the consumers. Expensive battery packs cost more than diesel-petrol, so it is important to know the price first. A small hatchback electric car costs more than Rs.6 lakhs.

2. Tax Relief

The government is also working hard to promote electric vehicles. The government offers a variety of tax breaks to consumers buying electric cars. If you are thinking of buying an electric car, then definitely know about these benefits. Of course the cost of this car is very high in your pocket, but you can save some money through tax. itiko

3. Driving Range

Driving range is the most important thing in an electric car. The higher the driving range, the better for the customer. Do not believe the claims of the company while buying the car. To find out, talk to the people who actually drive these vehicles. Then guess if this driving range is really right for you? To drive an electric car daily, it is beneficial to run more than 100 km. Talking about high-end cars, their driving range is up to 400 km.

4. Battery Life

The battery pack is the most expensive and essential component of any electric car. Changing the battery pack in the car can also cost you dearly. That is why it is very important to know about the battery life before buying an electric car. How much will it cost you to replace your car battery in the future? Buy only a car with complete details about it.

5. Charging Options

There is a huge range of electric cars in the world. There are options like fast charging, standard charging and slow charging. It costs a lot to install a fast charger. Talking about India, the infrastructure of charging stations is not so developed yet. Fast charging options are available in the city so that the car can be charged quickly. There are options like standard and slow charging in the house. Before buying a car, you need to know about these charging options.