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SBI account holders beware! There is no call from this 2 number, there may be a big loss


New Delhi SBI Bank has announced the second number to protect its customers from fraud. The bank said that it will never make calls from these two numbers. In view of the increasing incidents of cybercrime in the country, the largest public sector bank SBI has now issued a warning to its customers. The bank announced the numbers to protect lakhs of its customers from fraud. The bank has also informed its customers about this matter.

the bankers
Disclosure made- SBI has raised the possibility of fraud by disclosing two numbers, which can cause loss to the customers. The bank has issued a warning to its customers to protect them from phishing scams. The bank said it has encountered phishing scams in tweets, SMS and emails. Some people on the phone are pretending to be SBI employees.

Beware of incoming calls from this number –
State Bank of India has asked two numbers not to receive calls. These include 8294710946 and 7362951973. The bank said that if you get calls from these numbers, then you need to be careful.

CID Assam
Objection Raised – CID Assam objected to two numbers announced by SBI. CID Assam tweeted that State Bank customers were getting calls from two numbers. Customers calling from this number are asked for KYC. And the link is sent to the mobile.

this number
Does not belong to the bank – SBI further said that both these numbers are not connected with SBI Bank in any way. Responding to a tweet by Assam CID, SBI said that IT Security will take action against these two numbers.


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