Chandrayaan-3 is getting ready again to take the hopes of 130 crore Indians to the moon. ISRO has released photos of the mission for the first time. If all goes well, the mission could launch in August this year. The images have been released in ‘Space on Wheels’, a documentary released by the Indian Space Research Organisation.

ISRO has uploaded this documentary on its website. It also shows the 75 satellites launched by India as part of the Amrit Utsav of Independence.

What’s in the documentary?

Chandrayaan-3’s lander is shown in the documentary released by ISRO. This is the second attempt by an Indian space mission to land on the Moon. Apart from this, Aditya L1 mission and Gaganyaan have also been told in the 17-minute documentary.

Chandrayaan-2’s orbiter will be used

Recently Dr. Sivan said that ISRO will soon be in a position to confirm the launch of Chandrayaan-3. I am sure we will get definite success in this mission. The orbiter of Chandrayaan-2 will be used for this ambitious mission. The coronavirus pandemic has affected the project.

Chandrayaan-2 could not succeed

Chandrayaan-3 is being launched almost 2 years after the last Chandrayaan-2 mission. The mission was not entirely successful. The ship’s lander and rover crashed just a short distance from their destination. However, the spacecraft’s orbiter is still present on the lunar surface. It will also be used by ISRO in the Chandrayaan-3 mission.