Farmers have taken a unique initiative in Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh. Medicinal plants used in Unani medicine by the farmers here Gulkhera do farming. After long losses in the cultivation of wheat and paddy, farmers have turned to the cultivation of medicinal plants and today they rosemary cultivation Earning good profit from This crop with pink, purple and white flowers is of Gulkheda, which is used in many medicines. Flowers are not only beautiful to look at but are also full of medicinal properties. The entire part of the Gulkheda plant i.e. leaves, stem and seeds are sold at good prices in the market.

Around 8 farmers, including Sunder Singh, Ram Bhajan Maurya and Ratanlal, residents of Mohan under Hasanganj taluka of Unnao district, have given up their traditional farming and have planted Gulkheda trees in their fields and are taking care of them. Farmers say that cultivating Gulkheda in one Vigha gives a profit of about 30 to 40 thousand rupees and the cost is also less. Farmers sell their produce in the mandis of Lucknow and Kanpur.

Yield up to 6 quintals in one legislation

Farmers are getting 5 to 6 quintals of Gulkheda produce in one Vigha. 150 kg seed is required per hectare. Another feature of Gulkheda crop is that once sown, you do not have to buy seeds from the market again. Farmers can grow crops from the seeds obtained. Gulkheda is planted in the month of November and the crop is ready by April-May.

No special preparation is required for sowing. However, the soil is cleaned thoroughly by removing weeds from the field. After the crop is ready, in April-May, the leaves and stem of the plant dry up and fall in the field, which is then collected. It can be kept dry for many years. It doesn’t get any worse.

Agriculture Defense Unit in-charge Saheb Lal Verma said that the local farmers have now woken up. As long as new technologies and new ways of doing things are used. It is learned that some farmers of Mohan region are cultivating Gulkheda, which is used in Unani medicine. The cost is low and the profit is high. If the farmers have any problem, the solution is found and they are also given medicines and pesticides from here.