Road and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari recently warned Tesla and its owner. “Welcome to India, Tesla, an American electric car maker,” he said. Tesla comes to India, opens stores and sells and exports cars. Tesla is looking to import and sell Chinese-made vehicles in India. During an event, Gadkari clarified that Tesla’s offer to import Chinese-made vehicles and sell them in India was unfair. Musk should think about this. Tesla has been in talks with Indian authorities for a year to reduce tariffs, but with little success. Tesla and Musk also claim that the import duty on India is the highest in the world.

extreme heat exposure EV companies pull back defective vehicles

Nitin Gadkari has also warned companies making two wheelers in the electric segment. “April and May are the hottest months,” he said, noting the increasing number of fires in electric vehicles due to the heat. Meanwhile, the cases of battery explosion and fire are increasing continuously. Companies whose vehicles are defective or where such cases have increased, should immediately consider recalling their vehicles. The electric vehicle industry has been developing in the country for some time now. Still taking steps, while putting more pressure on the central government does not seem appropriate.