Mumbai: A player’s run out in cricket is enough to change the outcome of the match. If a good batsman gets run out at crucial times, he will have to pay more. Tomorrow Rajasthan Royals and Royal Challengers Bangalore , RR vs RCB The same thing happened during the match between RCB in crucial moment K Dinesh Karthik was run out. Dinesh Karthik) RCB cannot afford to run out of players. Because he has the ability to turn the match. Dinesh Karthik has been in great form this season. Bengaluru has won a few matches on its strength. Yesterday when the team needed him, Karthik was run out. Had Karthik stayed on the pitch, the result of the match would have been in Bangalore’s favour. Rajasthan Royals beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by 29 runs yesterday.

Only if luck is bad.

There is a lot of drama in the way Dinesh Karthik got run out on the pitch yesterday. After seeing this runout, Dinesh’s luck did not shine yesterday. Because bad luck is the only way to get wickets. There was nothing wrong with Dinesh Karthik, he had to return to the dugout. All this happened in the 13th over of RCB’s innings.

Here is the turning point of the match

Rajasthan spinner Yuzvendra Chahal was bowling 13 overs. Dinesh Karthik and Shahbaz Ahmed were on the field. Both have won the last few matches against RCB. A scuffle broke out between the two in an attempt to steal the match against Rajasthan Royals yesterday. Dinesh Karthik had to pay the price for his wicket. Actually, it was the turning point of the match.


How will the turning point be when you want so many runs?

Dinesh Karthik was run out on the team’s score of 72 runs. Dinesh Karthik was the sixth player to be dropped from Bangalore. RCB needed 72 more runs to win. How will the turning point be when you want so many runs? Looks like Dinesh Karthik is in great form at the moment. He has the ability to turn the match. Because he was not the second player of his strength after getting out. That’s why we call Dinesh’s dismissal as the turning point of the match.


Dinesh Karthik was run out in a dramatic incident

Dinesh Karthik bowled the first ball in this over of Yuzvendra Chahal. He hit a four on the second ball. Shahbaz Ahmed took one run on the third ball. Shahbaz defended on the fourth ball. Both tried to run a theft each. The call was made by Shahbaz Ahmed. Dinesh Karthik had reached the pitch only halfway. But Shahbaz changed his mind. She asks Dinesh to go back. Meanwhile, Mashoor Krishna blocks the ball and throws a non-strike end to Chahal. Chahal caught the ball, but just as he was about to hit the stumps, the ball slipped from his hand. So Kartik got some time. Karthik was about to reach the crease when Chahal caught the ball again and hit the stumps. Dinesh Karthik was run out by a small margin. It was all kind of dramatic.